Frequently Asked Questions

What is far-infrared heat?

Far-infrared, also referred to as “FIR”, is a safe form of energy on the infrared spectrum that can be used to gently warm objects. Our bodies can safely absorb far-infrared heat due to its deep penetrating ability. Recent studies have shown that far infrared waves can penetrate 2-3 inches into deep muscular tissues and ligaments without overheating the skin. The effect causes blood vessels to dilate, improving blood circulation & reducing muscular stress, whilst offering a calming relaxation beneficial for the mind.

What’s the difference between far infrared heating pads and regular heating pads?
Far-infrared heating pads reproduce energy in the same way as the sun. This natural form of energy is beneficial for our cell’s growth, with studies showing it also supports our immune system and helps recover from injury more quickly.
Is infrared (FIR) heat safe?

Yes, absolutely. Far infrared technology is perfectly safe for humans and infrared light is a natural phenomena. FIR therapies are sometimes used in hospitals and other medical therapies. Furthermore, you might have heard of “infrared saunas”. These saunas use the same far-infrared heating technology to heat the whole body and are wholly certified by the U.S. authorities.

Who discovered this technology?
Infrared light was discovered by Sir William Herschel. It was first used in the 19th century during the search for new optical material. Infrared light was first used as a healing therapy during the 1960s when NASA was looking for ways to keep astronauts healthy while in space.
How many heat settings does the SereneCalm™ have?

There are 7 heat settings in the SereneCalm™ heating mat, gently ranging from very low to very high. For new users, we recommend starting with the lowest heat settings and building your way up. One of the unique benefits of infrared heating is that it doesn’t “burn” the skin like a regular heating pad. Instead, heat can build up slowly deep inside your muscle tissue with overheating surface tissue. It is for this reason we recommend starting low and building your way up to higher temperatures as you become more accustomed to the SereneCalm™.

Is there an auto shut off function?

No, the SereneCalm™ does not have an automatic shut off. We decided against an auto shutdown feature after listening to our customers. Many of our customers complained about FIR heating mats shutting down too early, and said they preferred much longer therapy sessions than most FIR heating pads allowed, causing them to restart a single therapy several times. For this reason, we chose not to include an auto shut down feature, however turning the device off once finished is very easy.

Is the SereneCalm™ low-EMF?

Yes, the SereneCalm™ infrared heating pad has been designed to offer low-EMF therapy for those sensitive to electro magnetic fields. The jade and tourmaline stones are specifically chosen for this type of heating mat as they are resistant to harmful wavelengths of electromagnetic frequencies. We have not yet received our official laboratory testing results yet for our new 2020-2021 model, so we can’t publicly display an official “0 EMF” rating just yet, however our own tests have found similarly encouraging results.