Serene Calm™

Serene Calm™ Infrared Pads are scientifically proven to safely relieve pain & tension via Far-Infrared technology (FIR).

Natural jade & tourmaline stones are charged via Far-Infrared wavelengths to deliver medical grade Negative-Ion therapy resulting in warm, long-lasting deep-tissue relaxation.

Using Far-infrared heat and negative-ion therapy is scientifically proven to help relieve chronic muscle tension and body pain.

The natural jade & tourmaline heating pads radiate heat for prolonged periods of time, whilst emitting negative ions and far-infrared therapy

The two therapies combine for effective pain relief which promotes increased blood circulation and both mental and physical stress reduction. You’ve never experienced anything like it before.

Jade facts

Jade has always been valued for its beauty, but also for its legendary meanings, spiritual attributes and healing powers too. Green Jade in particular is said to have calming properties, able to balance the nerves, alleviate shock and allow its wearer to restore natural heart rhythm in times of stress.

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